500mm diameter Transmission Lines Laid

1500m3 Reservoir Approved, Transmission Lines Laid

The need to address the increasing demand for water supply has been a pressing challenge to General Santos City Water District (GSCWD). The call has arisen from the city’s speedy progress which paved the way to construction of new commercial buildings and development of residential areas.


With this, GSCWD has approved the construction of a 1,500 cubic meter ground steel tank reservoir at Brgy. Sinawal, this city. This water storage will serve as a back-up supply especially during peak demand hours within the Central System.

The said project is currently on a bidding process. Meanwhile, the laying of transmission lines which will connect the proposed reservoir to the existing lines has already commenced. The mains will be laid from New Society Road  to reservoir site.

This project is expected to completed and utilized by the end of July 2015.