GSCWD Constructs Steel Filtration Tank

Pump Station 3 located at National Highway, Brgy. Lagao of this city has been completed sometime in 2007. However, it is not in operation up until now. This is due to the yellowish color found in the water drawn from the well. It exceeded the allowable standard parameters as set by the Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water (PNSDW).

Filtration Tank
Through this Filtration Tank, water drawn from the well shall undergo filtration process which shall make the water suitable for drinking.

PNSDW is the standard set by the Department of Health in accordance to its mandate to formulate standards of ensuring protection and promotion of public health. Access to safe water is essential to this right. As found in Administrative Order 2007-0012, “Provision of safe water supply prevents the transmission of waterborne pathogens and reduces the exposure of individuals to chemical and physical hazards that could be ingested through contaminated drinking water.. Setting standards for drinking water establishes threshold limits for different impurities found in drinking water. These limits are intended to minimize risk and therefore prevent deleterious health repercussions that resultfrom lifelong exposure to these impurities through consumption of water.”

The yellowish color affects the acceptability aspect of the water. To address this problem, the management decided to construct a filtration tank at the said pump station. In the said filtration tank, water drawn from the well shall undergo different stages of filtration to separate particles and fluid in a suspension.

By: Charlyn B. Panunciar